What Is Chronic Nerve Pain

Neuropathic Pain

Can chronic nerve pain or neuropathic pain be due to damage or injury of a nerve outside of the central nervous system.

Yes it can.

Neuropathic pain is best described as a change occurring in the nerves following an injury. This in turn leads to a memory of the pain being formed.

This is real pain!

Since this is an invisible pain many have a hard time understanding that it is real. Too many of us believe that this pain is something that was a thought.

Believe me, it's real!

It is often confusing to doctors or other health professionals, because the pain may be in an area that has no feeling. Pain can also be in unusual areas when it involves more than one nerve.

Strange feelings may be reported , such as, a hot poker, stinging, shooting, or an electric shock. These areas are also sensitive to touch.

Nerve pain (peripheral neuropathy) can also cause numbness to the hands and feet. For instance, if you have carpal tunnel syndrome, you may find yourself dropping things.

Or, your feet lose feeling because of nerve damage, your are likely to cut your foot and not know it. The odd thing is, if you step on a sharp object you will feel that.

chronic nerve pain

Arthritis is an example of nerve entrapment. As the joints deteriorate, nerves get caught and cause more pain.

Some of the causes of nerve pain are:

  • Arthritis --Conditions involving damage to the joints of the body. Swelling that causes pain in the joints. Where the cartilage has diminished through age and the bone looses it cushing between joints.
  • Compressed nerves --Nerved that have been entrapped by bone or muscle.
  • Swelling --Swelling can entrap nerves at the site of the injury.
  • Injuries --Many types of injuries cause chronic nerve pain.
  • Damage to the nerve --It could have been torn, severed or pinched in some way.
  • Shingles --Liken to the Chicken Pox virus. It causes pain when the little spots turn to blisters.
  • Diabetes --Diabetes hastens nerve injury by increasing the body’s levels of glycosolated hemoglobin. This is the same thing that leads to the buildup of plaque in your arteries.
  • Alcoholism --Alcohol is a poison to your nerves. It causes deterioration to the nerves in the hands and feet.
  • Phantom limb pain --Since having pain in the limb prior to amputation, your brain doesn’t know the limb is gone and still fires signals that the pain is still there.

Chronic nerve pain can be minimal to severe. The nerve may just be bruised or was it caught under a muscle or trapped between bone.

This can cause loss of sleep , anxiety and large amounts of pain. A medial amount of exercise will sometimes help relieve the pain, while pain medication may be needed.

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