Chronic Pain and Disability


Are you in the chronic pain disability loop?

Have you filed, filed and filed again?

Still getting denial for your Social Security Benefits?

I call this the run-around.

Well,here is some information that helped my husband get his to finally come through.

Chronic pain disability.

Here are some of the things my husbands attorney told him to do that would help get his disability to go through.

He had just retired from the military (work) and he had his Senior Chief (boss) to write a letter stating that he (my husband) was healthy upon retirement and since the accident he had gone down hill fast.

After the accident, he tried to go to college and just couldn't function, although he had a very high grade point average. After his second semester started, he just couldn't go on.

Eventually, he had to drop out of school because the chronic pain was so bad and his concentration was a mess.

Again, he had his Professors write letters on his behalf. They stated what they had seen in their classes and what they had witnessed. Stating how hard it was for him to concentrate on the work he was assigned.

They must explain in detail!

If, you have been denied twice or more, when filing for your chronic pain disability you need to find an attorney. One that specializes in this field. They take the case on a percentage of your award. This can be up to 25% or more.

I would check on this before I attained an attorney, just to be sure that he/she didn't overcharge you. I know there is a cap of what they can charge.

They will tell you if they can take the case on the evidence you present to them.

If you are not pleased with this attorney and his response, search for another one. You will find one that will take your case.

Chronic pain disability cases are hard to win but it can be done.The proof needed is extensive, but well worth all the wait.

Chronic pain

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