Dealing With Chronic Pain

Dealing with chronic pain is something that is learned with time. You will have challenges you won't understand. Choices, something that has to have a lot of thought.

But don't you lose hope. Having hope means taking a good look at where you are in your disease/injury and knowing your limitations. Never give up hope that one day you will find what will work for you and where your life is at.

What is chronic pain? A pain that will not go away. It never stops!

Very few people are lucky enough to find a cure for their pain. For others, it is a life long experience from the onset of the chronic pain from injury or illness.

Some people look at a disability in different ways. For some, it is, my life is over. For others, the mentality is, how can I live and get through this. I would call that a positive attitude.

For some, they know from the start where the pain stems from but for others it can be a mystery. For those, it is a quest to find out. Dealing with chronic pain robs you of many things. Your loss of identity for starters.

Most people in constant pain can't work. The family finances are in trouble.

They feel depressed that they can't contribute to the family in this way.

You begin to wonder who you are....

I used to have a job, friends, a purpose in life. Now look at me. I am nothing.

Yes, you are!

This is where the adjustments in life happen. Now, people will have to learn the new you! Just dealing with chronic pain is enough for anybody to cope with.

adapting to chronic pain

Fishing and hunting were my husbands favorite things to do. It was hard for him to adjust, that hunting was a thing of the past. Now he's fishing, sitting down.

He can't stay long, but the satisfaction he gets for that short time he's out is worth the pain later.

Having chronic pain and coping with a disability hasn't been easy for him. He has had to give up so much, just as others have that deal with pain every day.

But, learning new ways to do things you enjoy can be very rewarding.

They will have to learn they now have limits they have to live by. The sooner they learn these the quicker they will understand.

Perhaps today you can't move as fast as you used to, or pick up a box of paper, so what. You have to learn to pace yourself in things that you can do.

In time, you will become creative and learn how to do things in a different way.

You can't base your life on the things you can't do but what you can do. Maybe today your pain has taken a toll on your activities. This happens to everyone in chronic pain.

This is where choices have to be made by you which are hard. You may have to miss an event you are looking forward to or a visit from a friend. Making adjustments to your lifestyle will not be easy but will be necessary.

People dealing with chronic pain don't want to give up! You don't have to make it your life, the pain. You make the effort to laugh, make jokes, smile or whatever to make you feel like you have a normal life.

You try to look your best and enjoy your life as best as you can even though the pain will still be there. Because of this, many people will confuse this with assuming you are feeling better and doing well.

Instead, they should praise you for your courage, perseverance and persistence.

You need to ask yourself, is this what I want for the rest of my life?

Can I learn to do things differently?

I am still a person that cares. I have those that I love and that love me. I do have feelings. I do matter.

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