Family Life Changes

The Effects A Chronic Pain Sufferer

Has On The Family

Family life changes for everyone. Being the caregiver of a person, in chronic pain is not easy by any means. All family members must help. Everyone must realize they have a part to play in helping the family become strong again.

You wonder where to turn next. Who can you get to listen? No one really cares what is happening?

Well, you have to make sure you take care of yourself.

Family life changes with a feeling of being left out.

Families and their lives should meld together but in cases like this it isn't always possible. Changes are all around you and you aren't sure what to do.

At this time, take all help offered to you.This will relieve some of the burden on you being the family caregiver to get other things done or even get some rest. Find a friend that you can trust, that will listen to you vent your anger and concerns.

They do not necessarily have to give advice but just be a sounding board. I've learned, talking about what is going on with our family was really a help for me.

Support from family and friends makes the life changes a bit less stressful.

Some of the life changes our family went through are:

  • I had to go to work.
  • My children ages 14 and 16 found jobs.
  • No money for bills.
  • Finances depleted.
  • All goals were squashed.
  • Friends left us.
  • Stress mounted.
  • Attitudes flaring.
  • Fear.
  • Depression.
  • Blame.
No matter what stage you are in all this pain, there is a light. Find a good family counselor to speak with that can help you with understanding your situation and life.

blue line

Or, you could play a game.

Everyone sits in a circle or at the kitchen table. Where ever?

First rule: No one gets to be angry about any question asked. If someone does they have to leave for a few minutes to cool down.

Then return and proceed. This includes the chronic pain sufferer.

Second Rule: You ask a question of someone in the circle. No matter the question, the answer is to be said kindly and pointedly. No shouting!

Third Rule: Everyone takes a turn then repeat the process.

    Some questions our children ask the first time were:

  • Why did this happen to us?
  • What are we going to do now?
  • Why do you get so mad?
  • Will this go on for ever?

My advice is don't make the first session too long. Things could get out of hand and that isn't our intent. My family did this often and it made a big difference in understanding where everyone stood.

Here's hoping, this suggestion will help your family life changes easier to get answers to and aid you with your depression and anxiety recovery.

You will find that talking to the family as a whole will improve the family bond. Depression, stress and grief have the biggest effect in one of these situations. Seems everyday something is adding to it. Family life changes is still something I deal with daily, even after all this time.

Take out some time for yourself to do whatever you like because without you, the family and your life will crumble.

All family changes takes some getting used to.

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